Five Nigerian journalists make 2020 Fetisov Journalism Awards shortlist

Five Nigerian journalists make 2020 Fetisov Journalism Awards shortlist

Five Nigerian journalists have been announced as part of the shortlist for the 2020 Fetisov Journalism Awards.

The Nigerians – Philip Obaji, Fisayo Soyombo, Olatunji Ololade, Kelechukwu Iruoma and Ruth Olurounbi – were announced on Sunday, November 1, 2020, alongside 89 others selected from a total of 21 countries of the world.

The 31 entries in the shortlists are for the four categories of the much-coveted journalism prizes.

Three winners selected in each category will share a cash prize of CHF 130,000 which is the biggest prize in the history of international journalism.

The award ceremony will hold on February 10, 2021

Below are the shortlisted journalists and their works.

Outstanding Contribution to Peace

John B Washington (US) – The Long, Winding, and Painful Story of Asylum

Philip Obaji (Nigeria) The Child Refugees ‘Sold’ Through Facebook

Kira Walker (Spain) On the Frontline of War, Yemeni Women Are Building Peace

Mizar Kemal (Turkey) The Endless War: Iraq’s Heavy Legacy of Depleted Uranium

Mohamed Aboelgheit, Nick Donovan and Richard Kent (UK) Exposing the RSF’s Secret Financial Network


Contribution to Civil Rights

Andrea Backhaus (Germany) Dreams Live On Behind the Fence

Ankush Kumar, Bhavya Dore, Sadaf Aman and Petra Sorge (India/ Germany) How Industry Bodies Are Using the NCPCR and UNICEF to Whitewash Accusations of Child Labour

Violeta Alejandra Santiago Hernandez (Mexico) Finding the Disappeared in Terror Camps

Laura-Angela Bagnetto (France) Cameroon’s Anglophone Crisis, An Unravelling Catastrophe

Oleksandra Horchynska (Ukraine) Come When Murdered. The NV Survey on Domestic Violence

Anna Louie Sussman (US) The Right to Family Life

Kevin Douglas Grant, Leticia Duarte, Soumya Shankar, Juan Arredondo, Una Hajdari, Quentin Aries, Lorenzo Bagnoli and Alessia Cerantola (US) Democracy Undone: The Authoritarian’s Playbook

Gloria Aradi (Kenya) A series of stories

Tabassum Barnagarwala (India) The Margins of Mumbai: Living in Colony Adjoining 17 Industrial Units

María Teresa Ronderos, José Guarnizo Álvarez, Alberto Pradilla Mar, Alejandra Elisa Saavedra López, Almudena Toral, Martina María De Los Ángeles, Mariscal Pioquintio, Christian Locka, Christian Trujillo Gallego, Deepak Adhikari, Eduardo Contreras Maye, Primeramónica Gonzáles Islas, Nathan Jaccard, Ronny Rojas Hidalgo and Suchit Chávez (Colombia) Migrants from Another World

Jill Langlois (Canada/ Brazil) In Brazil, Indigenous People Are Fighting to Keep Their Children


Outstanding Investigative Reporting

Xavier Aldekoa Morales Medina (Spain) The Jungle of Kid Killers

Mahmoud Bakoor (Syria) In Idlib, Children Are Cast into the Unknown

Olatunji Ololade (Nigeria) 21st Century Slaves

Valeria Román, Margaret López, Debbie Ponchner and Carmina De La Luz (Argentina) Transgender in Latin America

Fisayo Soyombo (Nigeria) Undercover Investigation on Nigeria’s Criminal Justice System

Fredrick Mugira, Annika Mcginnis, Geoffrey Kamadi, Nada Arafat, Saker El Nour, Ayele Addis Ambelu, Paul Jimbo, David Monodanga, Tricia Govindasamy, Chrispine Odhiambo, Sakina Salem, Emma Kisa and Jacopo Ottaviani (Uganda) Sucked Dry: Huge Swaths of Land Acquired by Foreign Investors in Africa’s Nile River Basin Export Profits, Displace Communities

Reporter, The New Vision (Uganda) Undercover as a Slave

Rohini Mohan (India) ‘Worse Than a Death Sentence’: Inside India’s Sham Trials That Could Strip Millions of Citizenship



Excellence in Environmental Journalism

Adam Federman (United States) How Science Got Trampled in the Rush to Drill in the Arctic

Belinda Goldsmith and Claudio Accheri (United Kingdom/ Italy) Flight to the Future: One Land’s Quest to Defuse a Climate ‘Timebomb’

Dora Edelmira Montero Carvajal, Andrés Bermudez Liévano, Tatiana Pardo, María Paula, Murcia Ginna Morelo, Sara Castrillejo, Helena Calle, César Rojas, Jeanneth Valdivieso, Lisset Boon, Ezequiel Fernández, Juliana Mori, Isabela Ponce, Vienna Herrera and Alexa Vélez (Colombia) Land of Resistance

James Button (Australia) The Climate Interviews

Konrad Edo and Basma Fahoumatan Kaminer (Israel) From Heatwaves to ‘Eco-apartheid’: Climate Change in Israel-Palestine

Ezaruku Draku Franklin Ezaruku (Uganda) Pollution Takes Toll on Lake Victoria

Kelechukwu Iruoma and Ruth Olurounbi (Nigeria) Silent killer: Oil Pollution Continues to Kill Nigerians in Delta Region

Paula Dupraz-Dobias (Switzerland) Why Switzerland Struggles with Dirty Gold: Tales from Peru

Shalini Singh (India) Climate Change (When Yamuna’s ‘Dead Fish Will Be Fresher’; Big City, Small Farmers, and a Dying River)

Raphael Tsavkko Garcia (Belgium) Brazil’s Indigenous Communities Resist Bolsonaro

Cécile Schilis-Gallego and Marion Guegan (France) Mines’ Dirty Secrets Echo on Three Continents