FULL LIST: Successful applicants for open contract reporting project unveiled

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THE International Center for Investigative Reporting, (ICIR), is glad to announce names of successful applicants for its Open Contract Reporting (OCR) project for Nigerian journalists.

A total of 108 in all, the successful qualified journalists are drawn from the online, print and electronic (Television and Radio) media across the six geo-political country. An average of three journalists were chosen from each state.

The project is aimed at building capacity for Nigerian journalists to investigate and write about budgetary and procurement issues, with a view to promoting accountability and transparency in the public sector.

However, unlike the first phase of the OCR project, this would focus more on journalists working in states and local governmevels. The goal is to make these tiers of government more transparent and accountable in their budgetary and contracting processes.

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The project, funded by a two-year grant from the MacArthur Foundation, is part of its On Nigeria Project, which seeks to reduce corruption by supporting Nigerian-led efforts that strengthen accountability, transparency, and civic participation.

The qualified journalists will participate in two intensive training programmes over a two-year period that will be delivered by professionals from within and outside Nigeria. The training programmes for 2020, six in all, the first of which would be held in April, are scheduled to hold in different zones of the country.

The ICIR would provide financial support to the journalists to undertake investigative reporting projects on budget, procurement and contracting processes in critical sectors of the economy, including Power and electricity, Education, Water and the Environment and Health.

Successful candidates will soon be contacted for the next stage on the project.