Vacancies available at Stears

Stears, a technology startup, seeks applications from curious problem-solvers interested in changing how markets & consumers in Africa are understood.

The startup is dedicated to solving the information gap in Africa.

Applicants can submit applications to fill any of the following roles:

• Data Portfolio Manager (Deadline April 25th 2021)

A researcher with heavy experience working with data, both as a user and as a creator and curator of data used by others can apply.

• Data Engineer (Deadline April 25th 2021)

An experienced data engineer who is familiar with SQL, Python, Jupyter notebooks as well as common data manipulation tools and libraries like NumPy and pandas is eligible for application.

• Data Associate (Deadline April 25th 2021)

The data associate must have experience or interest in researching financial services or financial inclusion.

• Full-Stack & Mobile Engineer (Deadline April 25th 2021)

An engineer with experience in Python, Typescript & ReactJS to the team in building out web and mobile application product for Stears Premium.

Full Stack Engineer (Deadline April 25th 2021)

A developer who is experienced using both Frontend and Backend tools & frameworks – particularly Python, Typescript & ReactJS is preferred.

Energy & Finance Analyst – (Deadline April 20th 2021)

The Energy & Finance Analyst must be a researcher who will develop expertise in Nigeria’s finance and energy sectors and become the newsroom expert and writer.

• Social and Community Editor – Stears Business (Deadline April 20th 2021)

The Social and Community Editor will support Stears’ transition from distributing content to emphasising engagement on social media and within the subscriber community.

• Visual Designer (Deadline April 25th 2021)

The visual designer will contribute to the growth and development of Stears’ brand and suite of products.



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